Author Champions Victims

This victim's web site champions the agony of victims and supports a Victimhood Amendment to be any USA victims' right.

In her book Jan shares her first Victimhood with the reader. Victims have no Constitutional rights. Janet Bailey McQuaid uses her author signed-book-sale profits for funding an ambitious goal to re-ignite efforts to create a USA Constitution Victimhood Amendment, now in limbo. 

Cline-parole status:
Roger E. Cline seeks parole in October when next Parole Board review is offered (periods are 3-year, 2-year, 1-year or 6-months).

News Paper Rationale: People confined to prisons and jails are there because they committed crimes.

Write your Congressperson: Before a criminal makes you a victim, tell US Congress that you don't ever want to be a second class citizen.

Please also write your state legislature or get voter signatures as a Victimhood Volunteer. Jan and Rog McQuaid offer to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA with volunteer (your) help.

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