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The life of a victim includes unknowns, misunderstandings, confusions and pain. If and when you become a victim of violet crime, you will need to find a path for your wellness. Jan and Rog McQuaid believe their opportunity to help others in the others’ victimhood includes the enlightenment of those not-yet-victims.


The Postscript shown below is very short version of Jan and Rog Second Victimhood (caused by the “State” in West Virginia) where their legislature’s 1984-law oversight resulted in problems during Jan and Rog Victimhood#2.


Postscript: Jan and Rog McQuaid were shocked in March 2004 when they were told that the murderess found a flaw in the 1991 trial, next she worked the legal system, and then she received a reduced sentence after pleading guilty to First Degree Murder in December 2003. Jan and Rog, as victims, were denied notice to attend that hearing and other victims’ rights as listed in the 1984 West Virginia Victims’ Rights Act.

Note: The Prosecuting Attorney would not talk to Jan about his office’s failure to obey state laws.


More revolting, the McQuaids found that the “State” Counsel (Assistant Prosecuting Attorney) did not do his job between 2001and 2003. The State Counsel repeatedly did not respond to the Writ as ordered by the Court and did not even attend his resultant ‘default hearing’. Jan discovered an error in July 2004 in her first phone call and proved error with 35 more calls that confirmed two people both “Michael Wilson” where one was the prosecutor’s friend and the other was a juror in Tammy Wilson’s trial. Thus Jan found that the Jury in 1991 was seated properly.

Note: The Prosecuting Attorney would not talk on phone or respond to FAX sent by Rog requesting answers about his assistant’s error and omission faults.


The State Petition subject shown below deals with at least the above issue not covered within states victims’ rights acts or the US Constitution. Print the petition to collect USA voter signatures at Volunteer.

State Victims’ Rights Petition: “Recognizing that the Federal 2004 Victims’ Rights Statute enhances the Rights originally provided to state crime victims in most states about 1984, this petition asks each petition signer state’s legislature to use the Federal 2004 statute (originally contained in a bill for all citizens’ rights in a US Constitutional Amendment) as a guideline in passing this state’s enhanced bill of victims’ rights:"

“We, the undersigned, ask our state legislature to evaluate the 2004-HR5107 Federal Victims’ Rights Statute signed in 2004 with the purpose of providing our state’s victims its enhanced rights especially the right to talk to ‘the attorney for the government’ and to his or her immediate supervisor, items no longer sought in amendment to US Constitution.”


US Constitution Victimhood Amendment Petition subject is shown below.  Print the petition to collect USA voter signatures at Volunteer.


Constitution Victims’ Recognition Petition: “Proposed Victimhood Amendment just recognizes “victims” in US Constitution with Federal and state statutes prevailing to provide victims’ rights."

“We, the undersigned, strongly endorse creating a Victimhood Amendment in US Constitution. We respectfully urge immediate Congressional debates leading to passage.”


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