Its up to you to Champion Victims by writing to the rule makers.


Patriots take charge of our country by writing to make the United States better!

This victim's web page champions the agony of victims and supports a Victimhood U.S. Amendment to be any USA citizens' right and duty to support.

FEDERAL: Also each volunteer can support a Victimhood Amendment for US Constitution to recognize the term "victim" making victims better than second class citizens and empowering the victims' rights established in Federal and State laws.

What separates any citizen from their own Victimhood is only some criminals' decision to make the citizen a victim.


Jan and Rog are asking you to help, they feel you understand the need to help and therefore you shall help.


Here is a suggestion for writing your US Congress Representative and your two Senators:


__________________ SUGGESTION ONLY:


Before a criminal decides to make me a victim, I want to tell US Congress that I don't ever want to become a second class citizen as victims seem to be.

I accept the premises that inserting actual victims' rights into the US Constitution may cause constitutional conflicts against the 23 rights presently available for those under suspicion or those actually who are convicted. Therefore I concur that the 2004 HR 5107 statute was an acceptable alternative to the Crime Victims' Rights Amendment (1996-2004).

However, I want a Victimhood Amendment to the US Constitution that at minimum recognizes "crime victims" and at least lets them have crime victims' rights as specified in the respective Federal and state statutes. I believe that crime victims need "Legal Standing*" in the courts to help enforce the rights of crime victims and ask you to assist congress to deliver that right for each Federal crime victim and each state crime victim.

Therefore, I strongly endorse congress to create a Victimhood Amendment for insertion into the US Constitution and I respectfully urge immediate Congressional debate leading to passage and ratification.

*National Center for Victims of Crime's document excerpt: "Legal standing would give victims the right to ask the court to rule on an issue of victims’ rights. Without legal standing to enforce rights, there is no effective means for victim to assert his or her rights during the criminal justice process, when time is often of the essence.”  

Your US Congress Representative can be identified using your state plus your zip code; then an E-mail can be sent to him or her after going to:


Your US Congress Senators can be identified using your state plus your zip code; then E-mails can be sent to both after going to:

Also - print Rog's Victimhood U.S. Amendment Petition and get friends and neighbors to sign it.


*  Note that the 2004 Federal Statute 18 U.S.C. 3771 does not provide for the victim to contact the "attorney for the government" supervisor. This is a hole in the Federal Statute that needs correction too.


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