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Security Breach: The Murder Of Tod McQuaid     By Janet Bailey McQuaid

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"I always thought there would be some sort of sign, a warning of impending danger, a bird stealing its way into the house, a picture falling off the wall..." so begins this odyssey into every mother's worst nightmare: the murder of her son or her daughter. SECURITY BREACH: THE MURDER OF TOD MCQUAID, is a work of nonfiction by Janet Bailey McQuaid - mother, wife, homemaker. The book incorporates the 1990 murder of the author's son Tod who was killed by three of Tod's own employees attempting to take over his security and alarm business known as TEMAC Inc. It is a gripping and harrowing true story of a committed woman with courage, determination and dogged faith in the legal system that sometimes seems to be turned against her.

Jan with her husband Rog struggle daily to attack a bent, if not broken, system. As victims, they are not waiting for anyone's sympathy. They believe that any victim who wants to get on with their life only needs to recognize a clear path through their victimhood. Their notice of their second victimhood came just after the book was published at the beginning of 2004. Jan and Rog were shocked to find that the murderer had been given a new trial in 2003. Through a prosecutor brokered first-degree murder plea bargain, the murderer received a reduced sentence. Months later, by reading trial transcripts and making one phone call, Jan discovered that the State granted the murderer's relief based upon the prosecutor's error and omission.

Jan and Rog have given presentations to various organizations on "How Becoming A Victim Changes Your Life" and "Victimhood Including Victims' Rights". Jan does book signings following their presentations. Recently, the McQuaids were invited to the Federal Correctional Institution in Morgantown, WV and spoke to 45 inmates as part of the prison's new use of the Bureau of Prisons' Victims Impact Panel rehabilitation-release program. Jan and Rog also responded to an invitation from Washington to join the Office for Victims of Crime 'Speakers Bureau'. In addition, Jan responds to phone calls from other victims of violent crimes seeking her help and/or suggestions. 

Jan's website: details the 1,000 free books offered for public libraries as part of Jan and Rog's petition efforts to redesign the Diane Feinstein-Jon Kyl failed 1996 to 2004 effort to get a victimhood amendment into the US Constitution. The web site also includes Rog's blog/diary on their second ordeal as victims of the State. Jan’s book excerpts, reviews, reader testimonies and bibliography information are also found there.

Rog suspects that many kids are over protected by parents and do not recognize the potential harm some people they meet may intend. Tod still might be alive if he or Jan or Rog had been more discerning. The McQuaids considered the benefits of using her book with college students and high school students. By reading and reliving Jan’s memoir the kids become aware of the characteristics of people outside their protected universe perhaps preventing the kids from becoming future victims. As Jan always warns, "You never know when you will become a victim!"

West Virginia University selected 'Security Breach' as required reading about Victimhood within "Criminal Justice Systems" course.

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