Jan and Rog McQuaid are available for speaking engagements. They provide group volunteers with support to help promote their on-site presentations by Jan: "How Becoming A Victim Changes Your Life", and by Rog, a postscript to Jan's book: "Victimhood #2 Including Victims' Rights". As such they have provided sample PR and handout sheets and postcards size handout cards that can be printed from downloadable Adobe Acrobat .pdf formatted files.


Speaker Request to jan@janmcquaid.com: Jan or Rog will attempt to respond by phone to each request within two days. Please include a telephone number and leave sufficient time for the negotiations so that Jan and Rog might be able to scheduled their individual presentations for your group.

Speaker Request Form: Requesting group can fill in form online and print for mailing. This form also provides contact information with suggested engagement dates and it has option to purchase one or more books. 


Once the speaking engagement is established, the interested group members (and guests) need to be informed that the speakers are coming to town and when and where:

Sample PR: Previous Media Releases are provided upon request for a specific presentation event. It is proposed that these will assist the PR person in making a modified Release for personal contact with newspapers, radio stations, etc. The in-person delivery facilitates the Release being used for public announcement of the presentations.


Here are some support utilities documents in Adobe .pdf printables:

Bio-Book Review: This is a two page handout (double sided) used at Jan's book festivals appearances and speaking opportunities. The group may mail or hand it to group members so they learn about Jan and her book. Jan's web site is listed so much more information about Jan and her book can be reviewed.

Postcard Front and Postcard Back: These two print pages are provided separately due to their differing print orientations. When printed, they can be copied onto the front and back of 67lb card stock paper (double sided). Then each sheet can be cut to give four information cards for distribution. However, the date and place are not included in these Adobe Acrobat downloads. So a special set of files can be requested and provided, if Rog has enough time to modify the standard files and E-mail them to the group contact.


Activities-Victimhood: These two print pages are provided because they are available at Jan's appearances at book festivals and speaking opportunities where volunteers may be committed to help with Victimhood petitions.

Victimhood State Crime Victims' Rights Petition: See Volunteering web page for one free book of 1000 books total for donation to one of 1000 libraries. Petitions can be available for attendee signatures and potential use by volunteers. 


Victimhood Amendment Petition: Although the required 67 US Senators did not accept the Victims’ Rights Amendment from 1996-2004, 97 US Senators did vote for the alternative but almost identical Federal Statute in 2004. However the US Constitution still does not recognize that victims exist. It is felt that by simply identifying “victims” and specifying their need for compassion and support within the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches that their rights granted within federal statutes and state constitution or statutes will be better utilized. For more information, start at Home-Amendment page.



The background of Jan's speech is her book. So reading the book before can result in better audience reaction.

Multiple Books Request: This printable form can list the readers and their suggested inscription when a group purchases five or more copies of Security Breach: The Murder Of Tod McQuaid. Jan will sign and provide these five or more books from her private stock (with bulk shipping at no charge) for $12.00 each.


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