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Victim Rights’ leaders will speak at __________

  On October 6, 1990, security systems businessman, Tod McQuaid, was murdered in Greenbrier County, West Virginia by three of his employees. But the treatment by the authorities during this victimhood caused Tod’s mother and dad to become activists. “Crime As It Affects The Victim’s Family” will be her topic at _________________ on _____day in the McQuaids' _________ am/pm lectures.

  Tod’s mother, Janet Bailey McQuaid, wrote her own victim's memoirs of this horrific crime including her interactions before and after with the murderess. She will tell her story like she did in her book, Security Breach: The Murder Of Tod McQuaid, as only one who has lived it.

   Tod’s dad, Roger, will include details of their second victimhood caused by State’s errors and omissions from 2001 to 2003 as found on www.janmcquaid.com web site. The site also provides book excerpts, book reviews, and book reader testimonies.

   Information for attending these public presentations can be found at __________ or by calling _____________.


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