Media PR Announcement: Victim Rights’ leaders will speak at __________. ... “Crime As It Affects The Victim’s Family” will be described at _________________ on _____day in the McQuaids' _________ am/pm lectures. ...


Newsletter PR: "I always thought there would be some sort of sign, a warning of impending danger, a bird stealing its way into the house, a picture falling off the wall..." so begins this odyssey into every mother's worst nightmare: the murder of her son or her daughter. ...


Also useful are double-sided 8 1/2 x 11 inch handouts. Rog uses them when Jan does book festival signings. :

Book Review-Bio and Activities-Victimhood.

Crime Victims' Rights Petitions can also be used. Please see Volunteer for details of Jan's offer for free books to school and public libraries.


(Contact information: Be sure to place at bottom of the press release. Make sure the contact info is a complete as possible. Give the Press as many avenues to contact you as you can.)


As an E-mail campaign for victims rights, the following is suggested for contacting your state legislators. Each Salutation should be to "Honorable (legislator name),":

Because we know you are concerned for victims’ rights, here is the State Crime Victims' Rights Petition wording:

"We, the undersigned, ask our state legislature to enact meaningful and enforceable rights for victims consistent with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. §3771, the Federal Crime Victims' Rights Act signed in 2004. Moreover, we ask that the Legislature support amending the state constitution so these rights become embedded in the fundamental law of our state."

As historical perspective: The Crime Victims Rights Amendment to the US Constitution was tabled after an eight-year fight. President Clinton supported establishing federal constitutional rights for crime victims and President Bush endorsed the proposed Amendment with its enumerated victims' rights.  When it became clear that there were not enough votes to limit debate in the Senate, the sponsors agreed to a statutory version of the rights and it received 97 votes confirming its strong bi-partisan support. However, these federal rights only apply to federal crime victims, thus denying state crime victims its important rights.

Jan and Rog McQuaid advocate state victims' rights improvements because:

They were denied existing crime victim rights in the 2003 retrial of their son’s murderess. The Court informed that prisoner of her rights but did not protect rights of the McQuaids.

Other victims are likely to suffer the same problems in each state.

The McQuaids ask for your help pulling together the pieces to adapt meaningful and enforceable rights for crime victims in your state. This is a bipartisan cause and they seek your help by asking you to ask your state legislators to support legislation according to the above petition. This will sponsor all victims including those who have not yet become victims. An Adobe copy of the federal Crime Victims Rights Act as signed is printable from Jan’s Web site at (just print pages 1 to 6 of the 34 pages for “Justice For All”). An Adobe copy 18 U.S.C. Section 3771 and an Adobe copy of the petition form are also available to print from their Web page.



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