Victimhood Introduction

Jan with her husband, Rog, struggle daily to attack a bent, if not broken, system. As victims, they are not waiting or hoping for anyone's sympathy. They believe that any victim who wants to get on with their life only needs to recognize a clear path through their victimhood.

And after many years and the writing of Jan's book, they have gotten on with their lives. They have found their path through several distinct avenues.

A Writ of Habeas Corpus leading to a second Trial ... by Errors - demanded extension of this site to seek Victimhood support.

Victimhood support in the legislature generally started about 30 years ago. Much can yet be done. In the 2003 writ case presented herein, even the 1984 West Virginia Victims' Rights Act was ignored by the operational judicial group - the Greenbrier County West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Jan's 2004 findings about the 2003 reduced sentence, given in error to the murderer of Tod McQuaid,  dug the family's Victimhood even deeper. Details are shared and requests given so that readers will activate their government to eliminate State empowered Victimhood (on top of the criminals' selected Victimhood).

Victimhood volunteers are sought through education provided in downloadable and printable documents. Petitions are offered to enhance or correct the government rules but she uses her author signed-book-sale profits to fund volunteers' efforts in the form of free books for school libraries and public libraries.

The book and Victimhood make this author amenable to publicly discuss crime as viewed by the victim’s family. Jan is available for personal appearances, talks, and/or book festivals. She will entertain any request by groups, for example book club members, who write her at PO Box 101112, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or FAX her at 412-366-0184 or E-mail at

Write your Congressperson: Before a criminal makes you a victim, tell US Congress that you don't ever want to be a second class citizen.

Please also write your state legislature or get voter signatures as a Victimhood Volunteer. Jan and Rog McQuaid offer to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA with volunteer (your) help.

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