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NOTE: Victimhood is defined herein as an injured victim's mental and/or physical existence as a result of a criminal act. Victims' Rights are found in State and Federal laws. Victim or Victimhood is not mentioned in the US Constitution.

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ACTIVITIES: "I always thought there would be some sort of sign, a warning of impending danger, a bird stealing its way into the house, a picture falling off the wall..." so begins this odyssey into every mother's worst nightmare: the murder of her son or her daughter.

AMENDMENT (VICTIMHOOD) PETITION: Beyond State and Federal law expansions, a revised Victims’ Rights Amendment is needed. It should, at a minimum, create a presence in the US Constitution for a class of citizens called “victim”. Then laws could be created either in the US Congress or the State legislatures to support: those who are victims or are going to be Victims. Write to Congress to support victims.

AUTHOR, AN INTRODUCTION: She never planned to be a writer. As a young girl, music, dancing, movies, show business filled her dreams….

AUTHOR ABOUT ME: The horrific murder of her elder son caused Jan to look for a release for the anger and the overwhelming grief that came with his death. She also used this book as a way to tell Tod's daughters (four and six years old at his death) about their father. So, she began to write.

BOOK: 'Security Breach' a story of true crime felt by a mother who struggled for nine years writing and rewriting this unforgettable story. Many readers write Jan to say they could not put her book down. Several book reviews, reader testimonials, book excerpts are provided for reading online.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: The listed printable documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format linked and readable and savable in your computer by clicking on each Title. These are available for readers to better understand Victimhood especially as encountered by the McQuaids when Victimhood was foisted upon them by the “State” (See Victimhood#2).

FRIENDS: Friends are a wonderful blessing in life. One example of impact of friends are the many cards, letters, E-mails written to Jan to tell her how these old and new friends' emotions raged as they lived Jan's life vicariously while reading her  Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid.

HOBBY: Jan McQuaid’s life hobby is singing A Cappella music within a quartet or a chorus. She started in eighth grade and she wants to finish in Heaven. Jan always sang the melody, but now Jan is singing harmony and she loves it. As a bass singer, Jan now believes she is singing the best part of the chords.

INTRODUCING THE janmcquaid WEB SITE (red page): Jan McQuaid’s personality (insightful, personable, responsive and yet tough) gives Jan the character to communicate. Jan's book, Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid, tells her Victim's Memoir-True Story. Through your purchase of her private book stock,  you become a ‘Voice for Victims’ while supporting library gifts by volunteers' using Victimhood petitions.

Life is a journey ... NOT a guided tour.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Page 1A Charleston Daily Mail September 22, 2005 with headline - HURTING PARENTS NO FANS OF PAROLE

ORDERING BOOK: The cost of Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid is from $0 to $20 for delivery in the United States of America from this web site.

PAROLE HEARING CLINE: Roger E. Cline, who offered to be the triggerman, seeks parole in October in years when Parole Board review is offered.

PAROLE HEARING WILSON: In Tammy Wilson’s re-trial, she pleaded guilty to First Degree Murder and received Life in Prison with parole option.

PICTURES: (Not Yet Available here) Ten pictures are on pages 98-99 of book.

SIMPLIFIED VIEW: Heather, Tod's younger daughter, questioned the complexity of the web site's Second Victimhood description during an Instant Message correspondence with Rog. Learn from that dialog.

SPEAKER SUPPORT*: Jan and Rog McQuaid are available for speaking engagements. They provide group volunteers with support to help promote their on-site presentations by Jan: How Becoming A Victim Changes Your Life, and by Rog, a postscript to Jan's book: Victimhood Including Victims' Rights. As such they have provided sample PR and handout sheets and postcards that can be printed from downloadable Adobe Acrobat .pdf formatted files.

TOD MCQUAID REFLECTIONS: Tod lived 23 years of his total 35 years in the Jan-Rog house. Then for three months after his death, Jan and Rog keep asking each other “what if [he or she or they or us] had only…” They kept denying the truth by questions regarding the murderers, God, themselves, friends.

VICTIMHOOD: Jan with her husband, Rog, struggle daily to attack a bent, if not broken, system. As victims, they are not waiting or hoping for anyone's sympathy. They believe that any victim who wants to get on with their life only needs to recognize a clear path through their victimhood.

VICTIMHOOD#1: In her book Jan shares her memoirs of her 1990-1991 first Victimhood with the reader. Victims have no Constitutional rights. Janet Bailey McQuaid uses her author signed-book-sale profits for funding an ambitious goal to re-ignite efforts to create a USA Constitution Victimhood Amendment, now in limbo. Thus Jan and Rog McQuaid offered to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA.

VICTIMHOOD#2: During the period from November 2001 through November 2004 the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (P.A.), Steve Dolly, and his boss, Kevin Hanson, as shown using court records (and media interactions) performed with questionable behavior in regard to a Writ of Habeas Corpus for Tammy Wilson.

VICTIMHOOD SUPPORT: The life of a victim includes unknowns, misunderstandings, confusions and pain. If and when you become a victim of violet crime, you will need to find a path for your wellness. Jan and Rog McQuaid believe their opportunity to help others in the others’ victimhood includes the enlightenment of those not-yet-victims.

VOLUNTEER NEEDED: Jan and Rog need you to help by being Victims' Rights Volunteers. They offer to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA in response to volunteer help. Please use Jan's and Rog's petitions or your E-mail today to let the US Congress and individual state legislatures know that you care about Victimhood.

VOLUNTEERING: Jan and Rog McQuaid ask you to please become a volunteer for Victimhood. You can by inserting the Victimhood State Victims Petition and/or the Victimhood Amendment Petition in your volunteering plan.

WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE: The "Postscript to Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid" was used in West Virginia University Victimhood study within Dr. Nolan's "Criminal Justice Systems" course by Rog McQuaid. Those Criminal Justice majors were challenged to work for West Virginia law enhancement to monitor enforcement within the judicial system thus ensuring Victims’ Rights law compliance by the criminal justice professionals.

* As Harold Hill said since December 19, 1957 in The Music Man:


“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays. I don't know about you, but I'd like to make today worth remembering.”

I am proud of all Jan is and all she does. Again I note Jan encourages public forums and will entertain any request by groups who write her at PO Box 101112, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or FAX her at 412-366-0184 or E-mail at or Speaker Fill-in Form to print and mail.

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Rog McQuaid (Father of Tod McQuaid, 1954-1990)