Author of Security Breach: The Murder Of Tod McQuaid Requests Support for a Victimhood Amendment

A second Victimhood for the McQuaids that gave them reason to become activists is summarized below and detailed on its own BLACK page.

Equal justice for victims is perceived by many to require an amendment to the US Constitution. The McQuaids’ concept  simply modifies the tabled 1996-2004 Victims’ Rights Amendment to accept the rights through Federal statutes and state constitution or state statutes with the proposed new amendment assuring "victims" that they are included as an entity so that they are treated with the respect offered by the US Constitution.

Jan's book also gives an insight on ways the author believes the justice system fails to consider victims’ rights. In that vein, the author plans to donate copies of her book to libraries in the name of the first 1000 volunteers who collect 100 signatures or more for her State Crime Victims' Rights Petition.

Our Victimhood-Amendment-Petition and author's Book Review Bio and Activities-Victimhood handouts are available to be downloaded and saved in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) for your volunteering use. (See Links for more downloads.)

Victims' Rights Amendment Background: The 1996 to 2004 previous Victims' Rights Amendment attempt resulted in a Federal Statute passed in October 2004. Thus that amendment has been tabled in Congress.

Writing to Congress: Its up to you to Champion Victims by writing to the rule makers.

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Victimhood#2 Summary: The West Virginia State’s Prosecuting Attorney from Greenbrier County delivered a second Victimhood to the McQuaids in 2004. The Governor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Lawyer Disciplinary Council and others did not rectify the inequities from this West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney office’s errors and omissions.

After this second trial for Tammy Wilson, Jan discovered State faults that resulted in murderer's reduced sentence. The Plea Bargain, given in error to the murderer of Tod McQuaid, made the family's Victimhood worse. Details are shared at this site in hopes that readers will petition their governments (Federal and State) to support victims and also inhibit government created Victimhood (on top of the criminals' Victimhood). To accept or to study their errors and omissions, start at Victimhood#2.

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