Ordering Jan's Memoir, True-life Experience


Order Jan's book for $15 (includes shipping within USA) with author's inscription from autographed private stock. Please use Order Form; enter order information then print and mail with check or money order.

Proceeds from author inscribed books help fund gifted book to school libraries or public libraries. You can order with or without optional Victimhood Volunteering.


The cost of Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid is from $0 to $20 for delivery in the United States of America from this web site.

1) Order this book for zero dollars ($0) or $20 (includes shipping to within USA) with dedication book plate on inside front cover and also with letter from Jan describing gift from you to library. See Library Gift Options below.

2) Group purchases are discounted for bulk delivery of five (5) or more books using the Order Form and an attached Multiple-Books form (see Order Form for link).

3) Unsigned books also available through ordering processes at local and web book stores including Jan's publisher:



Library Gift Options: Jan McQuaid will send 'Security Breach' as thanks to any volunteer-donor for his/her support of Jan's State Crime Victims' Rights Petition.


Send 100 unique USA voter signatures and zero dollars ($0): Jan will send an author inscribed copy of "Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid" with dedication book plate and Jan's letter to volunteer for a USA school library or public library of choice in the name of the volunteer. Limited to only one book per library and only 1000 school libraries or public libraries total.


bullet Send zero (0) or more names and $20: Jan will send her inscribed book copy with dedication book plate and Jan's letter to donor for a USA school library or public library of choice in the name of the donor.


bullet Send 25 voter signatures on either petition and $20: Rog and Jan will make a $5 donation to Parents Of Murdered Children plus send Jan's inscribed book copy to any USA school library or public library address as gift in volunteer-donor's name


bullet First step: Go to form, please enter "contact information" and "library information" then print Order Form. Second step: For delivery of your library's inscribed copy of Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid with donation book plate and letters in your name: send Order Form, any check and all petition(s) to Jan McQuaid Library Books, PO Box 101112 Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

Note: Any excess payment is considered a donation to Jan's favorite charity (Parents Of Murdered Children - www.pomc.org) for their general Victimhood concerns.

You can contact Jan McQuaid at Jan@janmcquaid.com or

Jan McQuaid, PO Box 101112, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.


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