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Jan is so proud of her friend Sharon because Sharon got Jan started writing Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid. Sharon help Jan by being a cheerleader, a consultant and a friend.

Volunteers Wanted:

Please consider telling your Legislatures that you care about victimhood and want additional rights passed in the  Federal Statute adopted for state victims (see Volunteers Needed).

Please use Jan's petition today to let congress know that you care about a Victimhood Amendment. Help us get 100,000 voters agreeing that the next amendment is needed.

Now - print Jan's Victimhood Amendment Petition and get friends and neighbors to sign it.

More details for rewards for volunteer Petition help is found in Ordering Page.

*  Note that the 2004 Federal Statute does not provide for the victim to contact the "attorney for the government" supervisor. This is a hole in the Federal Statute that needs correction too.


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