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Link List: The McQuaids are supporters of both Victimhood and Singing for Life. Various organizations have worked on a Victims’ Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. Other various organizations have information on singing as a hobby for life. These two printable pages give www links and short descriptions of same.

Federal Statute: President Bush signed an alternative law to the tabled Victims Rights Amendment on October 30, 2004. 18 U.S.C §3771 provides additional victim rights but only for Federal Crime Victims.

State Crime Victims' Rights Petition: Presently federal crime victims have rights not provided to state crime victims. Therefore, 18 U.S.C §3771 needs to be adapted by each state into the state’s constitution or victims’ rights statutes.

One free book of 1000 books (given one to each school library or public library for 100 Voter signatures) offer is described on Volunteer page.

Victimhood Amendment Petition*: The US Constitution still does not recognize that victims exist. It is felt that by simply identifying “victims” and specifying their need for compassion and support within the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches that their rights granted within federal and state statutes will be better utilized. Start at Amendment for more information.

Victimhood #2, A Primer: This white paper describes the additional Victimhood heaped upon the McQuaids by the “State”. It covers the frustration Jan and Rog find from March 2004 through February 2005, as Jan and Rog discover and address the “State’s” errors and omissions while processing the murderer’s Writ of Habeas Corpus and its relief from 2001 through 2005.

Juror Error 2001-2004: Below are five sequenced (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) but separate download files. However, these together provide the tools to review and make your own decision about the validity of relief given by the 2003 Prosecuting Attorney to the murderer of Tod McQuaid based upon the seating of a juror who was alleged to be a friend of the 1991 Prosecuting Attorney.

The November 22, 2004 newspaper interview (in 5) of the "State" respondent counsel, Steve Dolly, to the murderer's writ of habeas corpus lets him brag about his plea bargain after he offered her relief forced by his errors and omissions. The McQuaid's questioned why he did not make a single phone call like Jan did to the dentist or to the 1991 Prosecutor? Obviously he did not! If he had, he would not have told the people that the plea was the best alternative. One can see (in 3) he created the plea bargain (in 4) after his errors and omissions and non-processing (of the writ) over a period of more than two years. His misdirection of the information to the reporter after his own errors also obviously destroy the 1991 Prosecutor's reputation. These Juror Error 2001-2004 decision tools are broken into five parts for separated downloads into Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Juror Error 1 Intro,           Juror Error 2 T 1991,                Juror Error 3 Fault,

 Juror Error 4 Plea,           and          Juror Error 5 News.

Note: The notarized letter from juror Mike Wilson to Jan is not included in tools. It gives the same message as the November 15 News article (Juror Error 5 News); that is - 1991 Prosecutor in 1991 was not a friend of juror Mike Wilson. Thus the Greenbrier County State Prosecuting Attorney's office erred by giving relief - using all facts available, you will find that the Jury was impartial!

Vicarious Victimhood: Jan and Rog McQuaid are available to present “Crime as Felt by the Family” in their effort to support Victimhood. Here are several documents useful for organizers to optimize the presentation benefits including a) readers' testimony and feelings, b) News Release, c) Security Breach Post-card. Also useful are Book Review-Bio and Activities-Victimhood.

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Jan McQuaid thanks all Victimhood Volunteers for their Victimhood support.

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