Janet Bailey McQuaid’s life hobby is singing A Cappella music within a quartet or a chorus. She started in eight grade and she wants to finish in Heaven. Jan always sang the melody, but now Jan is singing harmony and she loves it. As a bass singer, Jan now believes she is singing the best part of the chords.

Jan joined the Sweet Adeline organization in 1964. Her success in their competitions reached second place Regional quartet medallist and first place International chorus medallist.

Jan used her many years experiences in the travel industry to lead a Sweet Adelines chorus in their "Italy Tour" with four chorus performances.

Jan strongly urges old and new friends to sing too. Tod, one of Jan's new singers (as well as being her son), invited Jan and Rog and their respective quartets to sing on his Men of Greenbrier Chorus' first show. Then Jan and her quartet started Lewisburg's first Sweet Adelines chorus while visiting during that weekend.

Her chorus, Sounds of Pittsburgh (use Links button for Link List, a ".pdf" file listing web sites), will be pleased to start your opportunity singing Sweet Adelines music someplace in the world.

Jan also seems destined to sleuthing. While reviewing the 2004 Writ of Habeas Corpus relief given to the murderer of her son, Tod, Jan found that the “State’s” counselor did not perform his duty as ordered by the “Court” and missed submitting his responses on three occasions.

Jan later established that the counselor authorized relief in error. So far Jan has not established any criminal intent by the “State” counselor but she knows that Rog and she will now attend the murderer’s every West Virginia Parole Board Hearing. These and other “State” failures are described in Rog’s white paper, "Victimhood: A Primer" described under Victimhood#2.

If after reading Jan's book, you are inclined to write to the parole board; then please write to Jan or Rog for hearing dates and parole board address.

A story from a Sweet Adelines-Security Breach reader:

"Even though I'm only on page 82/83, I must repeat myself by saying 'YOU ARE TRULY MY HERO'!!!

"Goodness me, I get soooooo angry at each additional page: I want to get my hands around the neck of 'T' [the murderer] and squeeze tightly until her eyes bug out. She is indeed the devil walking among us.

"I have to force myself to put the book down to do all those things we wives must do daily. You have more courage than anyone I know, and so very talented also. Not only singing, but also writing."


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Singing is life,
the rest are just details.