WV Parole Board communication regarding Tammy S. Wilson, id # 17350


Please submit request for Parole Board denial based upon your knowledge:

West Virginia Parole Board            Parole Board Hearing May, 2010

112 California Avenue, Room 307                  Parole Board: 304-558-6366

Charleston, WV 25035-0700                            FAX #: 304-558-5678


Background: In 1990 in Lewisburg, West Virginia, three of Tod McQuaid’s (TEMAC) employees conspired and successfully murdered him in order to take control of his two businesses.

As the clean up man, Harry Joe Johnson provided state’s evidence and received a gift of Second Degree Murder and only had to serve nine years in his five-to-eighteen year sentence.

Roger E. Cline, who offered to be the triggerman, seeks parole in October of year when Board review is offered. His trial ended in a verdict of First Degree Murder With Mercy (with possible parole) probably because his trial disclosed that he is educationally challenged. His defense team suggested he was unable to understand the significance of his actions.

Roger Cline's completed his deed in three attempts over a period of about 30  minutes. Tod McQuaid did not move during that period because Tammy Wilson had drugged him. On Roger Cline's fourth shot he killed Tod. Tammy Wilson had demanded Roger Cline wait while she examined Tod's body. Then she ordered him to shoot at a closer distance and not miss Tod again or else she would shoot Roger Cline and then his family.

 Tammy Wilson, as the mastermind of this action, rightly was convicted of First Degree Murder Without Mercy and sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole.

Jan's book describes her discussions with Tammy Wilson both before and after Tod died. These lead the readers to better understand that someone like Tammy Wilson can exist and could become a parents worst nightmare.

Tammy Wilson received a second trial as described starting at Jan’s web page  www.janmcquaid.com/victimhood-2.htm. However that Web page focuses more on the Greenbrier County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney error and omission faults.

In Tammy Wilson’s re-trial, she pleaded guilty to First Degree Murder and received Life in Prison with parole option. Tammy Wilson's post-book impact on the McQuaids (including her first parole hearing in 2004), are listed on other Web pages, for example, within the Blog.


Jan and Roger McQuaid respectfully request your help blocking the parole of Tammy Wilson. Thank you for your commitment to help.

Please comment on your disapproval of Tammy Wilson's (ID#: 17350) parole:
1) Write a short note to the parole board requesting parole denial or
2) Print the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) POMC Petition Wilson and send your and other voter signatures to WV Parole Board.

You can contact us by E-mail to rog@janmcquaid.com or jan@janmcquaid.com

Jan and Rog McQuaid also can be contacted at PO Box 101112 in Pittsburgh PA 15237.


Parole Board Hearing History:

Roger Cline in October of year: Tammy Wilson in May of year:
  • 2000  Denied
  • 2003  Denied
  • 2005  Denied
  • 2008


  • 2004  Denied
  • 2007  Denied
  • 2010

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