Jan and Rog and other victims need you, now!

Jan and Rog need you to help by being Victims' Rights Volunteers. They offer to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA in response to volunteer help. Please use Jan's and Rog's petitions or your E-mail today to let the US Congress and individual state legislatures know that you care about Victimhood.

Please help get 100,000 voters agreeing that the victims' rights and are needed and that each voter supports a Victimhood Amendment for USA Constitution to recognize victims and for the Constitution to empower victims' rights established in Federal and State laws.

YMCA How to be a volunteer article.

Volunteer for VictimsJan and Rog McQuaid offer to give Jan's book to 1000 public libraries or school libraries within the USA with volunteer help.

US Congress Contact: Please write to your Representative and Senators and request that an US Constitutional Amendment be created to qualify victims as first class citizens. Please also see note below.

State Legislature Contacts: Also please consider writing your state Legislatures that you, as the state's resident and voter, care about victimhood.

1) You want assurances that the enhanced Federal victims' rights (as passed in the  2004-HR5107 Federal Victims' Rights Statute) are used as a guideline for your state to enhance its victims' rights statute*. 

2) You want assurances that Victims' Rights will be delivered by the government (as promised in Federal and State Statutes and Constitutions-if offered) through Federal and state efforts to monitor and to ensure Victims’ Rights law compliance by the criminal (or victim) justice professionals.

An example of Tod's state victims' rights was West Virginia Victim Protection Act of 1984. Other states have their existing victims' rights statutes also available online. Most search engine like Google, Ask, Yahoo or Dogpile can fetch the URL where you can read the requested state's victims' rights laws.

*  Note that the 2004 Federal Statute does not provide for the victim to contact the "attorney for the government" supervisor. This is a hole in the Federal Statute that needs correction.

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The national YMCA organization [] publishes a Member News that contained the following request for volunteers in March 2005:

"Ask not what your YMCA can do for you ... ask what you can do for your YMCA

"A cause is kept alive by people who have the passion to dedicate themselves to it consistently, if only in small ways.

"When you volunteer, you're more than giving support. You're making a statement: 'This cause and the people it affects are important to me.' You become a stakeholder in the world in which you live.

"If you volunteer, you've already made a commitment. Consider taking the next step and asking someone else to volunteer, too. Research tells us that, when people are explicitly asked to do so, they are four times more likely to volunteer. Still, less than half of the population ever gets that invitation.

"If you don't volunteer, but would like to, then make a plan.


"Decide how much time your schedule allows.


"Find a cause


"Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers where they volunteer.


"You can also call local community centers, libraries, schools, or places of worship to find opportunities."


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