Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid, Two Reviews -
'Nine Years Writing and Rewriting' ... 'A Compelling True Story'


A review by Tom Koch in Pitchburgh Press:

Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid, by Janet McQuaid, is a true story of a devoted mother trapped inside a parents worst nightmare. Janet McQuaid is the wife of long time member of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, Rog McQuaid.

In 1990, their life seemed normal and happy. Rog and Janet and son Tod were all barbershoppers. Tod had two beautiful daughters and was busy managing his security company in West Virginia. Then comes news, relayed by one of Tod's employees, Tammy Wilson, that Tod is missing. Weeks later his body is found in Ohio, an obvious murder victim. As the police investigate the case, Jan does some investigating on her own and with the help of family and friends. What she discovers will chill the bones of every reader of this powerful real-life story of crime, justice and bittersweet triumph. Jan spent nine years writing and rewriting this book to release her anger, grief and victims' suffering emotions, and to tell of Tod's death "when his girls are old enough to want to know."

I have read Jan's book and found it to be a compelling story which I had to finish in one sitting once I had started. It draws the reader into her life and makes them share the tragedy which befell this barbershop family. A recommended "must read!"

If interested, you can order this book for $20 (includes shipping) with author's inscription from autographed private stock from Jan McQuaid, PO Box 101112, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. With your check or money order, include your phone number and delivery address. You can contact Jan McQuaid at

Reprinted with permission.

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   A review on the Web with no name:

“This is a compelling true story in which the author is able to chronicle events while she reflects back as being a part of them. It is a gripping tale, which I could not put down from Start to Finish. Not a hard read, but an honest one, which shows how a grotesque and senseless criminal act can affect so many people even if they were not the ‘intended’ victims.

 “The author’s format works, starting with an eleven-year-old daughter’s letter to her deceased father, killed when she was 6. The author walks through the story of what happened and how it is resolved. Then the book ends with a poem from the same daughter written when she was 17 and shows that the hurt and pain of this daughter, family and friends can never fully go away when a violent crime like this happens.

 “This book opened my eyes. I will forever look at crimes I hear about on television or read about in the newspaper in a new light. I will rethink a family’s perspective when a tragedy occurs and know that each of us can play a role in ensuring justice is carried out and being supportive of those involved.

 “I wept as I read; I have recurring visions of descriptions and elements the author details; I applaud the strength, which is demonstrated in this story and the triumphs, which persevere. I will remember this story for a long time”

    Reprinted with permission.




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