Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid, A Review -
... it grasps your attention so much you simply can’t put it down.'

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"Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid" By Janet Bailey McQuaid; Sterling House Publishers; $14.95; 200 pages

Review by Paula Green in Northern Connection, Ingomar, Pennsylvania (October 2005 Used with permission)

Every once in a while, you sit down to read a book and it grasps your attention so much you simply can’t put it down. Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid is exactly that kind of book.

          Local author and North Hills resident, Janet Bailey McQuaid wrote this true story as a tribute to her late son, Tod, who was savagely murdered at the age of 35 by three of his cold-blooded employees. October 6th will mark the 15-year anniversary since his life was swept away.

          McQuaid’s two granddaughters were the inspiration behind her compelling story. They were just four and six years old at the time of their father’s death. The book opens with a touching letter to daddy from Tod’s daughter, 11 year-old Elizabeth and ends with her moving poem at age 17. Security Breach chronicles the events that led up to Tod’s untimely murder, the trial, and the painful years that followed for the McQuaid family.

          Much time and thought were spent on the book since it was written over a nine-year span. “I spent time reading books in an effort to perfect my writing style,” McQuaid said. “Once a week, I met with Cindy Sterling and she and I would simply talk, and she helped me compile the book. Her company Sterling House Publishing, Inc. eventually published it.”

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          The tragic events that unfolded on October 6, 1990 have turned McQuaid and her husband, Rog, into advocates for victims. They are seeking community support to get Congress to enact a Victimhood Amendment to the Constitution. The McQuaids want to see victims recognized and the Constitution to empower victim’ rights in federal and state laws. Details for the petition signing are available through McQuaid’s website:, along with information on how you may purchase a copy of her book Security Breach: the Murder of Tod McQuaid. The book is also available through Sterling House Publishing,

          McQuaid enjoys spending her spare time singing and is a member of the Sweet Adelines musical chorus. “I began singing in eighth grade and I want to finish in Heaven,” she said.




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