IM Conversation with Tod’s younger daughter


Heather:  I'm all right. It’s just a day to mope around.

 Rog:  We have rain too. Hey, it gives you an opportunity to help me.
 Rog:  Still hoping that I will see those changes that you want for the story.

Heather:  Well Johnny, my cousin, saw it and asked me to interpret it for him.
Heather:  It's not in English.

Rog:  Well how did you interpret it for him? Can you share what you sent to him so I can use it?
Rog:  I'm very good in Greek.

Heather: Just write in English so that people can read it and understand it.

Rog:  Problem is not many people read Greek. Now if I had your version of what I wanted to say; then, it would be in American and many more could read it.
Heather:  I’m not sure how to change it. I don't even understand all of it. It's just very complicated.

Rog:  Right. Do I need to explain it so you can rewrite it in American?

Heather:  Sure.

Rog:  Tammy submitted a petition (Writ of Habeas Corpus) to the Court in 2001 thru a free-to-her lawyer. Steve Dolly, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney was assigned to represent the “State”. He did almost nothing including skipping the hearing in Aug 2003 where he was in default of responding to Court orders over 18 months.

Rog:  Dolly copped a plea with Tammy in December 2003. So she pleaded guilty to First Degree Murder and the Prosecuting Attorney gave her a reduced sentence. Thus she will get parole eventually. I received call from the Victims' Rights Advocate in March 2004 telling me Tammy got the deal because of an improper seating of a juror in 1991 and that we could attend her May 2004 Parole Board Hearing.

Rog:  In July, Nanny found that Dolly did not verify Tammy's grounds for petition relief and relief was based upon Tammy’s false allegation, information that one phone call to the 1991 Prosecutor would have rejected.

Rog:  In September, I FAXed Kevin Hanson, Dolly's boss, to show me his plan to reverse the error that caused the Court’s responsive relief. Instead Hanson told the WV Daily News that he was "relatively certain" that Dolly had papers that juror Mike Wilson signed (not likely since Mike Wilson sent Jan a notarized letter denying the allegation). Also Hanson was "relatively certain" that Dolly had talked to 1991 Prosecutor (Lorensen told Jan and WV Daily News that Dolly did not talk to him and his first knowledge was at a Christmas party in 2003).

Rog:  Thus I talked/wrote to various WV government people asking for their help and received none. My correspondence went to Governor, Attorney General, Hanson, Dolly, Lawyer Disciplinary Board and Supreme Court. Nanny and I also talked to newspapers, TV stations, lawyers, and just plain citizens. One Lawyer told me that if I offered him $50,000 he would not take the case. (He was serious when he said, “It is a novel case.”) The Attorney General said to just keep going to Parole Board Hearings.

Rog:  I claimed to anyone who would listen that the Prosecuting Attorney Office had Errors and Omissions and cover-ups, or at best, misrepresentation of known facts.

Rog:  What else do you need to know? Well let me know what you can do to fix the Greek. What would you do if you were I?

Heather:  That's very good. You did it. That's what should be on the website!
Heather:  Well instead of putting ‘Nanny’ and ‘me’ or ‘I’, make it  ‘Jan’ and ‘Rog’.


Rog:  I can do that. Thanks.

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