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Introducing the janmcquaid Web Site

Jan's primary web site feature is her book. However, Jan's Victimhood activities are the second major feature. When speaking to groups about the book, Jan always informs the listener - 'You never know when a criminal will select you as the victim'. Through your  purchase of Jan's private book stock using the web site Ordering Page,  you become a ‘Voice for Victims’ effectively supporting volunteers' using Jan's Web Site Victimhood petitions.

Jan McQuaid’s personality (insightful, personable, responsive and yet tough) Home gives Jan the character to communicate. As such Jan's book, Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid, describes her Victim's Memoir-True Story.

Jan's book writing worked as a catharsis to her own victimhood. It has been read several times by Tod's daughters which makes it a tribute to her late son who was murdered by three of his employees in 1990. For other book readers, it offers an in-person emotional experience - living within victimhood - without being a victim.

Click on the book cover to explore the book reviews and reader testimonies.

The author offers to present her signed book to your library in your name. She asks that you volunteer by offering a petition signing option to your friends and neighbors. But she uses her author signed-book-sale profits to help fund a gift for those Volunteers' efforts in the form of free books for school libraries and public libraries. Your collected signatures are to help Jan and you support victims' rights.

This site goes beyond Victimhood activities while listing Janet Bailey McQuaid traits including Author, Investigator, Mother and Singer. A Table of Contest page offers descriptions of pertinent topics for your review.

Jan’s attitude makes her amenable to publicly discuss book and Homethe crime as viewed by the victim’s family. Jan is available for personal appearances, talks, and/or book festivals. She will entertain any request by groups, for example, book club members, as requested at Speaking Engagement Group Support.

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I am proud of all she is and all she does. Thank you for visiting*.

Rog McQuaid (Father of Tod McQuaid, 1954-1990)



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